After experiencing her own hair loss and treating thousands of women over the years, Dr. Wendel has witnessed first-hand not only the physical, but the emotional toll of hair loss, and the impact on her patients’ confidence and self-esteem.

Her mission has always been to help women regrow their hair and reclaim their confidence.


Dr. Mary Wendel

The Pioneer of Female Hair Loss

How it started and how it's growing.

Founder Story

Dr. Mary Wendel, MD & Founder of Medi Tresse

Dr. Mary Wendel

Her Mission Grows

The pioneer of female hair loss.

Board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Wendel worked as an emergency room staff physician, urgent care physician, and primary care physician, before dedicating her career to female hair loss.

In 2002 Dr. Wendel opened the first Medi Tresse medical clinic offering non-surgical hair loss solutions exclusively for women. It was the first of it's kind.

Since then she and her team at Medi Tresse have treated thousands of women and continue to be industry trailblazers. At the forefront of ongooing research and developing best practice protocols for uniquely treating female hair loss.

And, once again, her mission grows.

Her mission has always been to offer women experiencing hair loss compassion cutting edge care and now with the expansion of at-home hair loss support, she is thrilled to bring her expertise to women nationwide.


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